My recipe for happiness

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Recipe: Homemade Stuffing

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Your Vegan shopping list guide to Tesco, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose

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German Cucumber Salad

My Recipe Journal: A personal cookbook recipe pages Includes recipe index pages. “Recipe for Happiness” – the phrase just popped up in my mind today. My life has drastically changed over the last couple of weeks and it feels as though one day is blending into another, even as I run my blender and mash things up.

Get a free recipe ebook. Subscribe and receive the top plant-based recipes in a handy ebook + lots of other goodies. I’ve been neglecting this space again! Jana Last even included my last post – Mom’s recipe for Blender Custard Pie – in her Fab Finds.A week ago!

I didn’t realize it until today. Crispy edges, soft centers; extra-crispy French fries baked not fried – so you can feel good about eating them! When it comes to French fries, the single most important thing is the crispiness factor. We all know what typically makes the fries so crispy is the fact that they take a.

My Recipe for Happiness: Keeping an Open Mind. This has been a huge change for me in the recent years, but one that I accredit a lot of my happiness to!

The truth is none of us “know it all” and there is always another perspective besides our own! Laughter.

My recipe for happiness
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