How to write a void check for direct deposit

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How To Make A Voided Check

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Direct Deposit

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Direct Deposit Authorization

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Free Check/Cheque Generator

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It is very rare, but there might be further delays in the direct deposit of support payments. We recommend that you confirm the direct deposit with your financial institution to be sure the deposit transaction is complete.

You must call your Child Support Agency or the Trust Fund to stop direct. A void cheque or your bank account information (No void cheque? No problem! Visit your nearest branch to get a stamp in Part C of the enrolment form.) Option 2. You can also enrol in direct deposit on My CRA Account, My Service Canada Account or My VAC Account.

Option 3. Forms are also available at your local branch. A voided check is a check written or partially written but then canceled or deleted by the maker of the check. The notation of "void" is used because checks are prenumbered for control purposes and every check needs to be accounted for.

Also write "void" on the signature line and in the amount box. The bank examines these two areas when someone cashes a check. The bank attendant should notice a "void" or something unusual about one of these spots if a forgery takes place.

Complete a direct deposit form and submit it to Payroll Office with a voided bank or credit union check no later than Friday December 11, The direct deposit form is. Note: When writing "VOID" across a check, do not write over the numbers at the bottom of the check.

We must be able to read these numbers to ensure proper entry of account information. We must be able to read these numbers to ensure proper entry of account information.

How to write a void check for direct deposit
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