Blank hardcover books for kids to write and illustrate

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How Your Kids Can Make a Book in Under an Hour

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StoryJumper will not replace any book that has echoes introduced during the printing and make process. BoxBribie Grail, Queensland,Australia. Books from every genre and for every age will have your kids reaching for more! See Also Check out 19 Lego Building Books Every Child will Love for an endless building adventures.

Make storytime fun with the Best Picture Books. Inspire creativity and let kids write/ illustrate their own books with this quality softbound blank book.

16 blank pages. all plain blank white hard cover student books to self illustrate 6x8 (28) pgs. See more like this Garden Diary Journal Fancy Blanks by. Free Shipping. Buy Flipside, FLP, Portrait Letter - size Blank Book - Letter, 1 Set at Manufacturer Part Number: ASH Motivate children to write & illustrate their own book or game.

Great for young authors, gifts, classoom memories, self accomplishments, etc. Portrait style x11". The Create Young Authors Bookmaking Project Kit consists of a pre-printed pack of pages which contain materials necessary along with instructions to guide the young author to write and illustrate their very own hardcover book.

Blank hardcover books for kids to write and illustrate
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